Three Rings for the Elven Kings
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  Tony Steele

Three Rings for the Elven Kings

Aealdra the Blind Elf

The world described by Tolkien is real!


Chronology of Middle-earth ~ When did the events narrated by Tolkien take place? Can we pinpoint them to the day?

Geography of Middle-earth ~ Was Middle-earth a real place in our world, and if so where was it? What can maps tell us?

History of Middle-earth ~ When did the various kings of Middle-earth reign? Who are Aragorn’s descendants?

Calendars of Middle-earth ~ The various calendars described by Tolkien in his writings, and how they relate to our own.

Sally Oldfield’s Nenya ~ What can Sally’s magical song, Nenya, tell us about the eventual fate of Men and Elves?
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Grey Havens

And all of us shall one day reach the Undying Lands…
We who of the earth are born will lead you through the healing storm,
t’s time to follow the path of the ancient ones!

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